JBoss pckg - 'Reason: argument type mismatch'

Hi All,

we are using wm JBoss pckg to connect to EJB and we connect to this EJB from let’s say EJB_PACKAGE. If you deploy some new beans on JBoss the JBoss package generates wrapper java services to all public methods that you can invoke on beans, stores the generated package in EJB_PACKAGE and then you can call from the flows this java services. All generated java services input signatues (input types) are hold in memory and the JBoss package controls all input parameters of the java service and validates them during invocation of the service.

We are facing following problem:
Sometimes an error occurs ‘Reason: argument type mismatch’ during invoking of the generated java service. I’m sure, that the types haven’t changed, but we got this error. Than I reloaded the EJB_PACKAGE and everything works fine => I think that something has chnged in memory and the method signatures changed, but I cannot find nothing in logs, there is no error…

Can you help me? Does anybody have the same problem?

Many thanks,