Java <-> XML mapping

I’d like to be able to easily map the XML returned from Tamino to a java object. So far, I’ve been looking at jaxb (, castor ( and Axis (

Does anyone have any experience with these or any other solutions to this problem? I’d appreciate any input so I can avoid painful trial and error.


I can not recommend using JAXB because the published form of JAXB (early access of last year) differs a lot from what the end release in fall this year will look like. Actually its a complete rewrite.
Castor is considered to be pretty good. It also has a lot flexibility since you can either genernate classes or make xml documents to existing Java beans. Its free to use.
Breeze factor ( is also a good product but it cost money. However it also has a very nice GUI tool, that lets you model the XML schema, and for each and every element add attributes for the code generator.
I know that companies like HP, Oracle, IBM and Tibco are also in the JAXB expert group which I pretty sure means that they have their own language binding solution. Some of them might be free and/or independant from their other product offering.
try I have no experience with that apache piece you’re mentioning.

christian campo