Java Object - XML Binding/Mapping (best practice)


I posted once about this topic, but nobody respons the topic.
I want to get all your opinion about Java Object - XML Binding/Mapping.

Because for me it is still a big question what is the best way to integrate Tamino into the application.

In Relational Database they have some O/R Mappling, like Hibernate and JDO, which are most used everywhere. And Oracle has TopLink I think, which also maps the SQL query into Java Object.

But in XML Database I don’t heard anything. There are some Java Object XML Binding/Mapping. Some of them provide also Code Generator.
I’m researching now some of them. But I want also your opinion, especially in the practice using Tamino XML Server.

I found two interessting website :

Another solution is to do it from scratch using JDOM or DOM4J (no binding or mapping).




I have already used JAXB to this kind of work, but it seems that two other projects are becoming very popular : JaxMe (the opensource version of JAXB) and Castor.

Hope it would help you.