Java wrapper (newbie question)

I am really new to this EntireX stuff, so I’ll see if I can put together my question.
I have IDL files created for me that I am running through the workbench. Some of the IDL files have the in/outs defined at the field level and some have the in/outs defined at the group level. I am able to use the field level in/outs because each field has gets and/or sets. How do I access the fields in Java when the in/outs have been defined at the group level?

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Enclosed is a JSP page that uses a structure array and its corresponding IDL.

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GetName.jsp (2.79 KB)

Since I’m not quite to jsp yet, is there an example using java alone?

Here is a simple example. IDL file:

library 'EXAMPLE' is
  program 'GP' is
    define data parameter
      1 Group 	In Out
        2 G1 	(AV) 	
        2 G2 	(I4) 	

Code to call the remote program:
  Example e = new Example(broker, "RPC/SRV1/CALLNAT");
  Example.GpGroup gr = e. new GpGroup();
  gr.g1 = "string";
  gr.g2 = 12;
  gr = e.getGpGroup();

Hope this helps.

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The second example was perfect!! Thanks for the help.