Java Versions

I am a new webMethods developer (just got back from D100 class). I noticed on my PC, wm has installed 8 different instances of Java, in various directories. I CD’ed to several of them and did the java -version command and found version 1.2.2, 1.3.0_02, and 1.3.1 in various directories. Is it possible to have all of the webMethods components use the same instance of Java? Should I go to and download the latest (1.4) and put it in all of these places?



I would strongly recommend that you ought not try this. You may have some success, but my experience suggests that different JVM versions often have subtly different behavior with the different wM products.

If you do unify your JVMs and then have a problem, wM support will have difficulty troubleshooting your problem. The different products are tested with the JVM they ship with.