Java version in AIX box


I am using AIX system. I have set JAVA PATH of JDK 8 in .profile,. bashrc and .kshrc in the home directory of my user id. But in /etc/environment the JAVA PATH is set as JDK 5. I am not able to change in /etc/environment as it requires root access.

And the Command Central uses JAVA 5, not JAVA 8.

Could you please let me know what the possible reason would be?


Hi Arpan,

this question is described in Troubleshooting section on the tech community


Hi Nikolay,

Thanks for your reply.

From the link given by you, what I have understood is AIX is one of such unix boxes where setiing in .profile will not help much.

But there is a workaround given in the link. I am quoting those words -

“Command Central uses non-interactive shell sessions for all remote operations (including the check for java). Normally the solution is to add java to PATH for non-interactive shell sessions. NOTE that some shells may not support configuring variables via “.profile” for non-interactive sessions. In that case the easiest workaround would be to place a link to “java” in one of the “bin” directories, for example: ln –s $JAVA_HOME/bin/java /usr/bin”

Could you please tell me apart from /usr/bin and /bin, is there any other bin directories which is user specific?