Java Service working fine in my workspace but showing error in other workspace in 10.2 version


I have a java service which is running successfully in my workspace but it shows error in other workspace. Because we are using common server among ourselves and if it is working in one workspace then it should not show any error in other workspace.

Please help me to understand this unexpected behavior of java service.


Do you mean “running” or “compiling”? If you use the same server, then the service should run regardless of the workspace it’s started from. But different workspaces might have set the build class path differently, and that could result in compilation erros. But the service should still run (because it runs on the server, not in the workspace).

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Hi Lohit,

As stated by fml2 there should not be any difference in execution time for two different work space as code is already compiled in server . Can you please let us know what exact error you are getting and what what point (like running service or at saving the service after some change or when you are trying to open the service itself).

Baharul Islam

Hi fml2

Yes, you are right because it was just a compilation error as the java service is running fine in both the workspace even though it shows compilation error.

Thanks for the help.