Java Service problem


I have installed SAPBC SR6 on the AIX system.Its giving me the eror when trying to compile java service that

error: error reading packages/SAP/code/jars/static/inqmyxml.jar; Error opening zip file packages/SAP/code/jars/static/inqmyxml.jar

Even though the pacakge and jar files were present in the correct palce.

Please help to resolve this issue.

a.) Do you have proper access on this directory where the jar file is placed.
b.) try to run jar utility from console to see if the jar file is not corrupt…

Hi All I am facing a problem while creating a Java Service. When I create a Java service and name it developer shows a message. It says: could not find compiler. Please help me to sort it out.

Please search the forums on this topic, and in the wM documentation. This has been covered many, many times.

@ Raemon I am new to webMethods. I could not find it on forum. I would really appreciate if you could share the solution.

Search for “Unable to locate or start compiler”

Another option is to review the wM documentation, which describes the steps necessary to set up your environment.