Java service for unzip

Hi all

This is very urgent and impartent to me please help.

Presently i am working on IS 4.6. I am getting xml data via http, but this xml file is zip file.This zipped format is seeing like this TO00001.AXML (unzip this file we have to see the xml file).

Take this zipxml file, unzip the file read the xml and map it to the internal webMethods document.

for this I am using these services

http (pub.client:http)
unzip (sample.string:unzip)
bytesToString (pub.string:bytesToString)
stringToDocument (pub.web:stringToDocument)
documentToRecord (pub.web:documentToRecord)

but this Unzip service not accept this type zip format, it’s expecting GZIP format.

My qustion is

1.First time i saw this type zip file (TO00001.AXML).Is it zip file or not ?

2.My flow service is correct or not ?
3.I am not perfect on java, please tell me the modification’s on UNZIP service,because it’s accepting only the GZIP file format.

Please any one help


Here i attached the zip file.

TO00001.AXML (0.8 k)