Java script in dsp

How to make java script enabled in dsp which is loaded as an include file in any service output template.Basically javascript works fine if the dsp is loaded directly from the browser.But if the dsp is included in the include tag and invoked the javascript is getting disabled…The include file for html with java script works fine…but not for dsp

can anybody suggest me a solution…

thax in advance

Output templates are placed in templates directory of a package and stored as html pages by webmethods. You try to rename the dsp page as html page and place it in the template directory

I have noticed that when developing DSP based applications/portals , its better not to invoke flow service directly from the HTML form (action=‘flowservice’)

Instead use the MVC architecture , in the HTML form’s action tab use the target.dsp

target.dsp page instead will use the <% invoke %> in its code

This resolves most complications with javascript, image locations, and the time when browser prompts , if you want to save the file