Java Runtime in webMethods BPM Suite

Hi, I am currently writing my Bachelor thesis on Process Engine. Want to ask you a few questions. What Java runtime is used by webMethods BPM e.g OpenJDK JVM??

Which Database interface used webMethods JDBC ODBC OLE DB is that right?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Mechmet,

which version of webMethods Process Engine are you referring too?

JVM version is dependent on wM version as well as OS (esp. for IBM which has its own JVM variant).
Most other OSes are using the Sun/Oracle JVM variant.

As BPM Process Engine is hosted on IntegrationServer it will use the JVM configured for IntegrationServer.

AFAIK webMethods is relying on JDBC connectivity when connecting to databases.


Hi Holger,

to the last update version 10.2.
The Oracle JVM variant is uesed in this version??

Hi Mechmet,

as mentioned already, this depends on the OS you are planning to install webMethods Suite on.
When using IBM AIX, the JVM will be an IBM JVM.

All other OSes will use an Oracle JVM afaik.

See the webMethods System Requirements Guide for further informations.


thank u broo =)