Too many open files


In Integration server v7.1.2, the server admin console becomes unresponsive frequently with the below found error in server logs:

[ISP.0046.9998W] Exception → Too many open files
[ISS.0070.0027E] An I/O or Socket exception has occurred on HTTPListener@5555

Please suggest the reason behind this and how to overcome this.



Assuming your using Unix, you have to :

  • verify your kernel parameters are aligned with wM’s recommendation
  • ensure which limit is set for the process starting the IS. “ulimit” command is your friend and, as far I remember, it’s also part of wM’s white paper.


The ulimit is configured at 4096 both soft limit and hard limit…

On my server, it’s :

  • unlimited for soft limit
  • something like 8k or 16k for hard limit (I don’t remind, it was long time back).

Either clean up the WmRepository or set ulimit to unlimited…

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