Too many open files error on IS

On one HPUnix machine, 3 IS installed.
IS1 and IS2 are normal, but IS3 produce following error:

2004-11-08 15:02:45 GMT+08:00 [ISP.0046.9998W] Exception –> Too many open files
2004-11-08 15:02:45 GMT+08:00 [ISS.0070.0027E] An I/O or Socket exception has occurred on HTTPListener@7777

the operation system 's config of max open files per process are more than 4000.
Any point is highly appreciated


Here’s where this is really common:

IS 4.X
TN 4.X
file-based repository
Using TN conversations

What often happens is that TN creates an entry for each conversation that started, but it doesn’t delete them. Because the Repo keeps the files open while IS is running, eventually you’ll run out of open file handles–as you have here. If the configuration looks like yours, webM support has fixes for most versions that will allow TN to clean up after itself. You can also manually remove the contents of the repo in IntegrationServer\WmRepository2, but you might lose some other configuration information. Because of the volatility of the repo, it’s a good idea to take a backup of it at a known-stable point in case something like this happens and must be immediately fixed.



Configure the IS/Repo information instead of filesystem based to Database,so that you dont loose any critical data.

Add add this line in server.cnf or thru IS Extended Settings page once you have moved the repo to DB.


Can you check the OSs ULIMIT setting? If not set to “unlimited” you might want to do so.


How do I change the repo to start pointing at a DB? If I click the “Repository” settings in the Administrator it lists all my DB aliases? Do I simply pick “TNDB” and click “Save”?

Can I then just delete everything in WmRepository2 folder without any reprecussions?

Please advise.

OK. That screwed things up. I tried in my Dev environment to simply change the WmRepository server to my TN DB Alias, and I suffered huge TN problems. The server started with problems creating the datastore. After reverting my server.cnf files and cleaning out the WmRepository2 folder, I’m back to where I started.


IS dynamically creates either files or tables for the WmRepository2. Trading Networks is more static, with predefined creation scripts. For this reason, it’s a bad idea to point the repo to the same alias as the TN DB, and I’m not surprised that it caused errors. If you want to point to a DB, I’d recommend using a new, repo-only user/schema/tablespace. Cleaning out the WmRepository2 directory is OK, but several things will be lost, including client certificates, some adapter config, and various other things. If you’re still getting the “too many files open” error and you just deleted all the files in the repo, start looking at other culprits. Usually the OS doesn’t complain till the repo directory has 1,000 or more files in it (depending on your OS configuration).