Java heap space error..could not open the Admin console aswellas developer


We are using wM7.1…We have an isuue in opening the IS console page aswellas developer but when i check the server status its UP…This is happening only for Development environment …PI see the the following issue :

IN Console.log: java.lang.OutofMemoryError :JavaHeapSpace.
ThreadUsageLog :MEMORY_CHECK|0%=1MB/7963M|LOW_ON_MEMORY.

Could any pl help us in getting rid of this problem…

It is because your IS getting too many requests to handle and thus out of memory…

So pl check the IS file how much memory you allocated in the MIN/MAX JVM setting for your DEV IS? Also did you check the service usage and stats/logs to make sure any load of requests are being running and this is the key for analyzing the issue to resolve.

It depends on your OS memory availability also and try allocate it accordingly and restart the IS to and see if if the error still persists?


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