Java Compiler issue

I recently had to remove the java compilers off the system to solve another problem. I have now reinstalled 1.2.2.
My problem is that none of my java services will complie now. These are services that previously compiled with the exception of one new one I’m trying to add.

I have done the following:

  1. edited JAVA_ROOT in server bat and pointed it at C:\jdk1.2.2
  2. restarted my server

My folder structure is as follows:
CoCommon (package)
—CoCommon (main folder)
-----utils (sub folder)
-------java services
-------java services
-------java services

I continue to get the error when compiling any java service:
C:\Program Files\webMethods\IntegrationServer4\packages\CoCommon\code\source\CoCommon\
illegal start of type
extends {

I’m using IS4.6 with SP1 on Win2K.

What am I missing?



The error is now after shutting the server down and starting again as opposed to just restarting the server.

C:\Program Files\webMethods\IntegrationServer4\packages\CoCommon\code\source\CoCommon\
Identifier expected.

extends {


It sounds like a syntax error to me. There is one thing you may be missing besides changing JAVA_ROOT you have to see server.cnf entry related to java compiler and adjust these. See admin server docs on details I do not recall what entry it is.


It seems wm is generating an extends but does not specify the class that it is extending.

public final class utils

extends {
// —( internal utility methods )—

I will look at the admin docs in the meantime.


Check the shared tab of your service. Make sure that there is no whitespace in the extends input field. If you accidently put a space in that field the Integration Server thinks it is a class name and tries to extend it.


Thanks that did it! There was one white space in in the input field.