Java code profiling for WebMethods integrations ...!!!


I want to know how we can use Java code Profilers like JProbe etc. to profile the integrations ie. the ones where we use custom Java code, like ATCs and ILAs.

Currently JProbe supports application servers like WebLogic / Tomcat etc. Has anyone ever worked with any tools to “profile/analyze memory usage /to analyze threading” for WebMethods integrations’ Java code???

Pls let me know…!!!


Anand JNS

I have not done it before, but you can start any adapter from the command line. I would look at the ADK documentation which tells you how to start adapters from the command line. Then refer to your profiling documentation on how to setup a process to run in the profiler and you should be good!

Hope this helps!

Have you managed to successfully use a profiling tool for you java code?

I’m especially interested in using a profiler for myWebmethods server.


If anyone is interested in a powerful profiler for the webMethods Integration Server, please check out Nanoscope:


Not specifically for Java services but you could try the in-built jprofiler to profile the runtime.
You should see it in the jvm directory.

Oracle JVisual VM or JProfiler can be used for debugging purpose in non production environments to profile Java services

For Production, you need to have a profiling tool (Nanoscope, Sky profiler) or APM tool (Insight)

If the interest is only with Java services and external libraries, then you can try Dynatrace or AppDynamics.