Java class to Document Type mappingconversion

When I execute an EJB (from a generated by WM flow), I receive back an Object which really is a string representation of a custom Java class.

How can I receive this data not as a single String result but as either the original Java class that the EJB is returning or convert it into a data structure? Do I have to parse that resulting String??

Hi Tom,

Could you explain elobarately.I didn't understand what your service  



Will do, keep in mind that I’m a newbee to webMethods so there may be some fundamental issues that I am missing.

The WM generated service which makes an EJB call via an EJB adapter is returning an Object (ie. getBalanceReturnValMethod0 - a generated generic Object output variable). This Object, is really a simple Java class with a buch of getters/setters (it’s an account record of a user). I want to make that Object parsed/converted/mapped to a Document Type so it can be manipulated in Web Methods further. How do I go about it? Do I have to create a Java service to do that or is there a simpler/other way of doing this?

Hi Tom,

   It is better to go for Java service take input as object 

returned by Ejb Adapter.Take output record structure what you
want.Then write manipulations what ever you need in java service
Then proceed for mapping.