Java API for pub/sub over universal messaging queue

We are new to UM. We need Java API for pub/sub over universal messaging queue.

Please refer to Universal Messaging Developer Guide for required steps and procedure.

Thanks Yogesh for reply but I did not find the java api guide over the below link:


Hi Parag,

you will need either Empower access for this or you will have to request access to the documentation section of the TechCommunity (see menu at top of the page und “Forum → Documentation”).


Alternatively, look out for some samples at the below locations of your UM installation.


Thanks Holger & Mahesh for reply!

We have license for softwareAG. But looking for java api documentations for e.g. how to publish topics over UM and subscribe message from topics etc…

Parag Jaiswal

Hi Parag,

It is there in above URL which you have shared.

Attaching section screenshot for your reference.



At the moment, we do not have the conventional way of Java docs for UM Java API[u]. You can still refer the class and methods to access them in your code, Also as mentioned, look the java code samples which might help you to re-use some piece of code.

You can raise a request to SAG, to update their UM Java API docs.

The Javadoc is available, easiest way I think to access the documents is to use the html version then navigate to the Reference Guide and then the API documentation. Select Java and navigate to the packages tab.

Hi Jane,

I have got access to documentation, thanks.

Can you or anybody can give me the contact/emailid of softwareAG team? we have license of it and we want the java API’s for development.


If you have the license and the product the APIs are included. the class files are in the SoftwareAG/UniversalMessaging/classes/com directory.
Regards, Jane.