How to incorporate webMethods API documentation into Eclipse?

a context-sensitive documentation (Javadoc) of webMethods’ API in Eclipse would be very useful - just like for Java itself. Unfortunately, none of the webMethods libraries linked in a new project’s Java Build Path are pre-configured with a referenced Javadoc location.

Does SAG provide a proper Javadoc (so far, I found only unhandy PDF documents)? And if so, where is it?

Many thanks in advance!

Meanwhile, a colleague guided me to the HTML-based references for some namespaces in the Documentation Section of the Tech Community where at least some Java API references are available in Javadoc format (e.g. Software AG Designer 9.8 documentation contains the CAF and MwS Java API reference, even available as download for offline use). Unfortunately, not all com.webMethods.* nor any com.softwareag.* namespaces are covered by those references (e.g. com.webMethods.caf.shared.* or com.webMethods.process.* are not).

Any hint would be appreciated!