Issue with WmSAP 6.5

Hi All,

We are upgrading webMethods 6.1 to 7.1 and hence WmSAP 4.6 to 6.5.

In earlier implementation we had 4 integrations connecting to same SAP system.Only difference was User ID for the connections.

Now we have

  1. 3 SAP Connections in wM7.1
    2)All are connecting to same SAP System ID(XYZ) and Client ID(111)


  1. All SAP adapter services work as expected.
    2)RFC Notifications work fine
  2. Routing notification fails.

When we delete all connections apart from the one mentioned in Listener and restart server it worked.

As per SAG(SR Closure Summary in Advantage) its a design change for WmSAP6.5 which does not support the implementation of having more than 1 SAP connection connecting to same SAP system(with different User ID) and one listener being associated with one of those connections.

Has anybody been through the same issue…or got any alternative to work on…?

Thanks in Advance…

The cause for this changed behaviour is a change in the underlying SAP JCo. wM 6 uses SAP JCo 2.1.x, while wM 7 upgraded to SAP JCo 3.0.

JCo 3.0 was designed in such a way that it allows only one RFC Server (= Listener in wM language) to be started for one combination of SAP system ID and RFC programID. This makes sense, because it fixes the following strange behaviour: In JCo 2.1 it was possible to start different RFC servers (= Listeners) with the same programID, but the SAP system was not able to distinguish them. Meaning: the SAP system performed “load-balancing” over the different Listeners and it was complete coincidence, which Listener received which function call…
In wM this did not matter much, because all Routing Rules are visible globally and all RFC Inbound Maps (is this what the call “Notification” these days?!) are visible for the entire SysID. But in JCo it could matter sometimes, so SAP fixed that “bug”.

Solution for you: if in wM 6 you had for example two Aliases pointing to the same SAP system and two Listeners with the same programID with 10 Threads each, then in wM 7 just delete one of the two Listeners and in the other one increase the Thread-count to 20.
This will give you exactly the same behaviour as before…


Yes correct. We had got some details from Advantage and had a workaround to overcome the same…

We are using wM 7.1 and require three SAP ID’s to accomplish proper routing and to maintain separation of duties. We are consolidating separate companies into one wM and one SAP. So we have 3 connections to the same SAP application server, the only difference between them being the SAP user ID and password.

Most of the time this is all good. In load testing on our dev server, I dumped in 500 transactions at the same time and when the smoke cleared 10 minutes later, 250 documents had posted via one ID and 250 other docs posted via the other ID, exactly as expected.

But there came a time on our integration server when the thing got under serious load or something, and all of a sudden all SAP traffic was being routed down one pipe regardless of which connection was specified. Stayed that way till we recycled the wM server.

wM support claims this is expected and normal and we really need to forget the idea that the thing will handle multiple user ID’s.

Now… reading the previous response


it seems to say that the problem is on the SAP side with the RFC listener? Can someone confirm this perhaps?

And second, is seems to say the SAP listener can be configured for certain RFC’s - that is, if my 3 ID’s each ran a different RFC, then our SAP support could configure a separate RFC listener for each RFC, with the happy side-effect being that now the user ID’s and the transactions don’t get mixed up.

Your thoughts please? Thanks!