Issue with tSpace configurtion handling large documents

Hi Experts ,
we have issue on tSpace location. Let me first give you set up information
here we have 2 node B2B and A2A both used for b2b transaction.
both are in difference cluster and share the same TN DB.

B2B node having watt.server.tspace.location=/opt/B2B/TnLarge
and A2A node having watt.server.tspace.location=/opt/A2A/TnLarge

Now issue is when we are receiving the Large data( from TN Partner) in B2B node its moving the large data file in to watt.server.tspace.location=/opt/A2A/TnLarge location . Not able to identified why its moving to A2A node location.

any help please?

Hi Experts,

Can you please help me please…

Normally it shouldn’t move to that A2A location when the B2B IS received the large file data and what is your IS version here? Also are these nodes in a single cluster or differrent cluster’s?

Can you please make sure your tspace location configurations again all nodes?