Issue with RFC Notification Migration

Hi ,

We observed a strange(Not aware if expected) behaviour as below associated with SAP adapter 6.5(IS 7.1.2).

When the Package containing RFC notification was migrated to Quality environment from Development notifications stopped working.

Then we deleted the notifications in QA and recreated after which they started working.

Would like to know if anybody has experienced so.Coz i don’t feel recreating any component(From Developer) in QA would be a good approach or would be suggested by SAG.

Anybody experienced such scenario?Does the RFC notifications work in promoted environment without any post deployment operation?

Thanks in advance…

We do use the same IS ver/Adapter that you mentioned,but not heard any issues promoting SAP Adapter notifications from Dev to QA/PROD etc…using Deployer712.

What IS/SAPAdapter6.5 fixes are in place?



It worked well…Infact the issue was not at Deployer end…

The issue was somethingelse…Though it created an illusion regarding the approach.

Glad to hear its working now…If possible please share here the resolution also.