Issue with platform manager

We have two instances / installation running on single node, we have started the platform manger as part of both the installation, however CC is only able to list the artifacts of one installation only and not the both , would need help

  1. The default port of SPM is 8092, and the process which has started on this node can list the components on CC. While starting the SPM for 2nd installation it do not complain and get started , now how do I know which port this has started (we can find at the OS level and I assume it got started on port 8094 and 8096, however if I try to add this installation with this port , it’s of no help , I am getting error as Unexpected end of file from server)
    2.Can we monitor Nirvana / UM with CC? I can see the plugins for Nirvana in /profile/SPM/plugins

Thanks in advance for your help!

you can check the port of your second SPM by looking here:

You will see a couple of files:
The filenames already show the port numbers for the non-SSL and SSL ports, but to be sure, open the file and look for the line:
Then you can use this port to add the SPM to your landscape in Command Central.

Jonathan Heywood
Software AG Product Management


Much appreciated help, thanks Jonathan!

If you may allow me to ask few follow-up

  1. SPM picks the port itself based on the availability or we can define it?
  2. Can we monitor Nirvana/ UM with SPM 9.5.1?

Thanks again!

  1. SPM picks the port itself based on the availability or we can define it?
    [JH] Installer will pick a different free port during installation, but you can override it in Installer if you wish.

  2. Can we monitor Nirvana/ UM with SPM 9.5.1?
    [JH] Yes - you can manage Universal Messaging (new name for Nirvana) with Command Central.

If you’re on UNIX/Linux I strongly recommend migrating your CC installation to version 9.7.

CCE 9.7 can remotely (over SSH) install SPM’s starting with version 9.5 and up, allowing you to specify the SPM ports;
Once SPM’s are setup it also lets you to remotely install UM 9.5 and up using default um-all template and then allows you to manage remote UM’s. All of this can be done from CC Web UI or CLI/scripting.

If you’re on Windows, then CC does not allow you to push SPM’s remotely, but you can pull them over HTTP using one simple install command.

Please check out demo videos on this site.

To use all these capabilities you just need CC 9.7 and can keep the rest of the landscape on 9.5 until you’re ready to migrate it to a later version. CC comes with migration utility that helps you move all the config from 9.0+ to the latest 9.7 version.

Thanks Jonathan & Sergei!

If I am using CC to monitor Universal messaging , the UM is complaining for higher memory utilization and finally its crashing .

I’ll open a support ticket for this

Thanks again for help

Please make sure you have installed the latest UM fixes, for UM itself and for UM SPM plugin.

What i noticed in using a CCE is … if CCE is used to monitor IS ,UM ,… then the memory usage and threads in IS,UM,… goes high …