Issue with JDBC notification in cluster mode

Hello , I am facing a strange issue when i try to enable JDBC notification in cluster mode . following are my IS details

  1. IS 8.2.2 , IS_8.2_SP2_Core_Fix9
  2. using oracle coherence for cluster
  3. set following server properties


when i am trying to enable the JDBC notification from IS Admin from any one node in the cluster the corresponding schedule task is getting created however with following issues

  1. Scheduler task does not show notification name as task id so its very difficult to link which task id/scheduler service is linked to which jdbc notification
  2. despite enabling the JDBC notification the IS admin screen still shows it as disabled , ( corresponding schedulers are getting created but task id of scheduler are only numeric and does not contain any information which can link it to a notification)

anyone faced this strange situation in the past and is there any known solution to this behavior ?
any inputs/suggestions in this regard will be helpful.


Can you share the server logs…?

Hi Mahesh , thanks for your reply , below are the logs when i try to enable/disable any jdbc notification

please find attachment which contains logs, let me know if sending full log file will be helpful ?
logs.txt.txt (22.2 KB)

attaching full log file
server.log (400 KB)

I checked your logs.txt.txt file

From since when are you facing this error…? did you try rebooting the IS?

Action: Ensure that the database is available and configured to execute scheduled tasks.


Read through the contents of the error logs and take corrective steps. If you are unable
to resolve the issue, contact Software AG Global Support.

Hi Mahesh , thanks for taking time out and looking in this issue .

this is the first i am trying to configure clustering for this particular webMethods version , yes i tried rebooting IS ,
I checked all JDBC pool test and test is successful ,

I will now try to involve SAG support and see if i can get some help

thanks again


Hi Naveen,

Can you please update the resolution once you hear from SAG global support. :slight_smile:

Spoke with SAG global support and they have asked me to apply latest wmART fix and latest IS core fix to resolve this issue , as of now i did not get a chance to try these but will keep you posted as soon as i do it .


Good luck :slight_smile:

finally good news i was able to resolve the clustering issue after deploying latest IS core fix and WmART fix both the cluster node seems stable as of now . will keep you poster after monitoring this for 1 week


Great :slight_smile:

Can you share the IS Core and WmART fix levels before and after.

IS core fix 9
WmART fix - none

IS core fix 13
WmART fix =WAR_8.2_SP2_Fix3