issue with "includeHTML" control


I am facing an issue with the “includeHTML” control while trying to use it in the Portal page i’m trying to develop. If there is an image in the html code, then that image is not being displayed on the portal page after using the html code. I have even tried copying the image onto the “WebContent” folder and gave the relative path (/icon/button1.png) in the html code but without result. Please help.


Select your project’s top folder and see the properties window.
Note down the path. Lets say it is shown as “/Your_Project”.
Now lets assume the the image you are trying to display is in WebContent/icon/button1.png.
The path that you should specify for image should be “/Your_Project/icon/button1.png” where “/Your_Project” is the path you noted above.
This works for me.

Thanks Dexterz. Will try this.:slight_smile: