Issue with Delimited FlatFile Schema in convertToValues

I have a FlatFile Schema that was working in UAT on this project I’m on. Files were being downloaded from the Bank and the flatfile was being converted to an iData Doc with all records accounted for. The Schema was Record Delimited “CRLF”. Then during further UAT testing today, the files downloaded from the Bank were being truncated by the convertToValues service (in that only the Header record was being parsed and any subsequent Detail or Trailer records were being dropped). isValid was returning “true” from convertToValues and no errors were returned.

 After playing around a bit, I changed the Record Delimiter to "Newline" and everything started working again ???

 Does anyone know of any outstanding issues with the Record Delimiter in FlatFile Schemas and what it's set to (either "CRLF" or "Newline") ??


Do you still care on this issue when Newline is working for you?

May be while CRLF could be some extra in the data you can close look in via a HEX editor like ultraedit and check it?

There would be always some issues with the delimiters especially dealing FF and as long it works with tweaks in the Schema and parsing works we should be good to go: :smiley:


Just concerned that “CRLF” as a delimiter was working, but, has gone somewhat flaky and am wondering if “Newline” as a delimiter will also go flaky in the near future… Hoping that some other poor soul has been down this road previously and can advise…


It should work as long as the FF format doesn’t changed. :frowning:

As I mentioned earlier you need to look in some HEX editor and introspect the delims that are present for CRLF and as long as the parsing works for against FF data you are 100% fine.