Issue with Business function

Hi all,

I have an issue here with an E-one adapter service.

I create an adapter service which calls a business function. This business function has certain field validations.

For a particular field, when I execute this adapter service with the correct field value the adapter service is working fine with the data inserted in jde.

But when I provide an invalid field value, the adapter service should not execute and the flow should go in the catch sequence. Whereas, the service is getting executed. Though there is no data getting inserted in JDE.

Can anyone please help regarding this?

Thanks in advance,
Sudarshan Vyas

Before calling the Adapter service, validate the IS document with the input. Use pub.schema:validate.

In IS document, define the fields, whether it is mandatory / optional / date / numeric etc.,



The input fields defined in my IS document are all mandatory. But the validation will take place in the BSFN itself… so it doesn’t seem to be a trouble here.