Issue while installing the Package with jar files in the Integration Server

I have package which has a java service for which there is a jar file. When I try to load this package to a new Integration Server from one Integration Server, it is getting partially loaded. :confused: I have put the jar file in the pacakge//code/jars/static path. I think it is looking for the jar file in the path pacakge//code/jars, so I add the jar file in this path too. Now the package is getting properly loaded.:slight_smile:
But during run time of the java service, it throws this error: Java.Lang.Reflect:TargetInvocation. Because I guess since the jar file is in both the paths pacakge//code/jars/static and pacakge//code/jars. For compiling the Java code alone, it looks for the jar file in this path pacakge//code/jars.
But during run time it picks the jar file from this path pacakge//code/jars/static. Since the jar file is also in this path pacakge//code/jars ,I am getting the above error.:confused: If remove that jar file from this path pacakge//code/jars after compiling,the package again gets partially loaded.

If any one has come across such a situation, please provide me a solution.

Thanks and Regards,

Did you see whats the error in the package homepage when it says partial?? Also put the jar file only at one place ie package/code/jars and reload the package or restart your IS to make java class available for runtime.



The problem is that the code is not getting complied initially when installed in New IS. And hence it is partially loaded.

Package Home page Message:
The java service cannot be complied.

I tried putting the jar file in pacakge//code/jars.It is getting compiled and fully loaded. But I got this exception java.lang.reflect.InvocationTarget Exception while running the service with what you have suggest. I cant and should not restart the IS ,as the will be a continues data flow using other integrations.

Please suggest me what to do.


Afer placing jarfiles either reload the package (some times the jar files doesnt get activated) and if still problem persists then restarting IS is the option…do it during some downtimes…