issue while importing 3B3 in wM6.5

Currently , we are implementing the Rosettanet framework (Rosettanet module version 6.0.1) in webMethods 6.5 and are facing some issues while installing the PIP 3B3 message.
Brief details of the RN messages that we are using- In our project, we are using PIPs 3B2,3B12,3A4,3A7,2A1,4B2 respectively and for all these messages except 3B3, the client has provided us with DTDs based on which we have successfully created the IS document type, TPA and the TN document type.

But as PIP 3B3 is of higher version(V11.00) among all the PIPs, our client had provided us with the XSD-for that reason they had sent us the entire PIP3B3 zip file(PIP3B3_V11.00.00_DistributeShipmentStatus) downloading from

The error we are getting while importing the pip is:

class ‘wm.b2b.rn.rec.PIPs.PIP3B3vV11_00:ShipmentStatusDistribution’ does not exist

We have resolved this issue with help from SAG. Following are the summary.

This import fails because of two reasons.

  1. During Modular PIP import if the root schema is not present in the nsFolder, it skips the step of creating the IS document types.
    2.PIP 3B3 is a “recursive complex type” shcema, which IS 6.5 doesnt support.

Issue#1 is fixed in PIP Tools 6.0.1 SP1 Fix14.
Issue#2 has been fixed for this cx by modifying the PIP. This issue will be finally fixed in IS 7.1

Can any one say, will webMethods support european customed file format like bellidic formats,certipost XML etc…

Never heard…but please do contact SAG support also for these kinds of of queries…they can respond better way: