Issue while fetching IDoc structure in SAP notification

Hello All,

I am facing issue while creating SAP notification service while fetching IDoc structure from SAP.
We are using WmSAP adapter SAP_7.1_Fix19 on IS IS_10.1_Core_Fix5 with Designer 10.1

While creating a new SAP notification, by default it generates with the structure SYIDOC01. This is normal.
Once created when we change the IDOC type to our required one (say DELIVRY07) and reload and save, the publishable document should discard the previous document structure of SYIDOC01 and have the new document structure of DELIVRY07.
But the publishable document is persisting the structure of SYIDOC01 and then append the structure of DELIVRY07.

I tried to clean the DDIC cache and do the same but still no change.

Moreover, when i change the IDOC type again from DELIVRY07 to something else, it just appends further.



sounds strange.

Please provide the versions of the sap libraries being used.

You can find them in the SAP Adapter Admin UI on the About page or in the server log upon restarting the IS

Latest I know of is 3.0.19 for jco and 3.0.13 for jco-idoc.

Additionally check if you can migrate to SAP Adapter 10.1 instead of SAP Adapter 7.1 when running on IS 10.1 or newer.


Please install Designer plugin for SAP in Eclipse. This was a known issue resolved by that.

I mean the latest designer plugin for sap fix.