Issue while developing Flowservice?

i am developing the flow service which has input as XMLstring & output as Rosettanet Pip 3A4document(schema base structure PIP 3A4).
basically i want to convert xmlstring value into schema based Pip3A4 document as output of the flow service.
schema based Pip3A4 structure ==contains nodes & namespaces
flow service coded as follows

1 Input as XmlSting pub.xml.xmlStringToxmlNode(map xmlstring to node)
2 pub.xml.xmlNodeToDocument(xmlnode to Pip3A4document)
3 Map step(extracting value from Pip3A4document into temp field).

here issue is while extracting value from Pip3A4 document in step 3 & i am not able to get any value in temp field.

as per documentation guide
In step 2 built in service pub.xml.xmlNodeToDocument in Piplinevalue i have set the Service in value to:-
a makeArray=flase
b nsDecls==all nodes & namespaces contain in pip3A4 ( as i told you before it a schema base pip) ex:- ssdh:Creation - 2009-03-27
i have set the all the namespace but still not able to see any output in temp field
documentTypeName==name of document

Find the attached screeshot of schemabased Pip 3A4structure.

here issue is while extracting value from Pip3A4 document in step 3 & i am not able to get any value in temp field.

Find the attached screeshot of schemabased Pip 3A4structure.

Apprecitate you reply


Just a note: check whether the run time document structure is same as the design time document structure.


yes guna both run & design time document structure is you can see in screen shot i have Pip3a4 schema based structure with nodes & namespaces wch i have been decleared in 2 step pub.xml.xmlNodeToDocument(xmlnode to Pip3A4document)under nsDecls still it’s show it doesn’t matching input file with data.

Try stepping through the flow with some sample data and check in the result panel whether source filed in PIP is available in pipeline after nodeToDocument conversion.

yes ajaynaina as u suggest.i have debug my code with sample data,source field is available in pipeline.i need one more suggestion shall i need to validate incoming document with schema wch i have created the PIP3A4 document structure?

When I faced similar issues, 99% of the time it was because the design time document and runtime document produced by nodeToDocument were diferrent in someway or other. Can you also show me the screenshot of the document you created from xsd (I mean the design time doc).


Hi guna plz find the attach screen shot of pipeline document & result panel you can see the raw data feeded to the same document
basically i didn’t created the document from xsd it’s a schema based Pip3A4. i have created pip3A4 document from schema.
[URL][/URL] (Pipeline data & resultan data)
[URL][/URL] (Contain file wch pass as Input as XMLString)

one thing i like to add if you can see in screenshots pipeline data pip3a4 structure has default field @schemaVersion fields with each of the elements in Pip3A4 this is schema based Pip3A4 RosettaNet estandard document so same in right hand side of result panel you can’t see those fields bcoz i didn’t passed that value @schemaVersion value with each of the elements while giving the inputs in xmlstring.
Here is the catch when u pass those value in @schemaVersion then only i can see the values getting extracting from pipeline document.
but my douts here is why to pass values in @schemaVersion it’s not the good way of coding? there may be other way…:slight_smile: