validation by IS Schema

Hi Users…
I have to validate my document “student” by usering IS schema & the pub.schema.validate.
I have document student mention is below and in attchement pic.
student (Doc)
—Student (Doc list)

In pub.Schema:validation
In Object I have map my student doc. And in conforms to i have map schema that i have create by using the XSD file.

XSD file and IS schema is attached …

I m getting Error:

[ISS.0062.9024] Integration Server does not support this type of object in validation >>>BasicData:Students=>>>BasicData:Student=[0]>>>BasicData:ID=1,Name=Rajeev,Mark=222<<<,[1]>>>BasicData:ID=2,Name=Chetan,Mark=333<<<,[2]>>>BasicData:ID=3,Name=Pooja,Mark=444<<<,[3]>>>BasicData:ID=4,Name=pradeep,Mark=555<<<<<<<<<

Please let me …i have went through the previous doc but its not clear to me …
please any help will be appreciable…[ATTACH=CONFIG]854[/ATTACH][ATTACH=CONFIG]855[/ATTACH]

for the validation service, make sure to use the right parameter:
object :

Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Node
Object to be validated.


String Document type or schema to validate object against.
? If object is a document (Data object), conformsTo must specify
the fully qualified name of a document type on the
Integration Server.
? If object is a com.wm.lang.xml.Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Node
object, conformsTo must specify the fully qualified name of an
IS schema on the Integration Server.

Check the Built-In Services Reference for details.

Hi Wang,

Thanks for valuable reply …
As I understand Here I am doing document validation so pub.schema:validation
should have
Object–Document and conformsTO Full path of Document .

But i want to learn IS schema validation …I have read reference doc also…

can you please tell me how to get com.wm.lang.xml.Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Node as input for services…

Please suggest me …

Use services pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode, pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument


Hi Senthi,

Thanks for reply …about pub.xml:xmlStringToXMLNode, pub.xml:xmlNodeToDocument I have idea to get the input but my question is…

From user we will get the input like this…"com.wm.lang.xml.Document or com.wm.lang.xml.Node" I have know idea how the client sent the data by this…
please if you have any suggestion really help…

Client would send the data as XML string. But IS reads and provides the data to Flow service differently. It actually depends on the communication protocol used to send data to IS.

If it is http(s) protocol, the xmldata will be read as string ($xmldata).

If it is FTP(S) or URL or SMTP, data will be converted to node object by IS.


Thanks Senthil Got it…:slight_smile:


Just make sure the application send data using the most reliable and convinient technique as XML data can come using any of the methods mentioned by Senthil above. This can be discussed in your high level design.