Issue while adding handler to webservice descriptor(provider)


I am using wM9.5, the thing is i have made a handler,steps followed as below

  1. i have taken a flow service and in Input/Out of service i have give pub.soap.handler:handlerSpec as a specification reference.

2.And i have used pub.soap.handler:registerWmProvider for registering my provider service and give the values for the mandatory filed “descriptiveName” in the pipeline

And i am trying to add the handler to the web service descriptor(provider),but i am not able to find my registered handler in the list

Please share any ideas.
Attached is the screen shot


It works on Designer 9.8 I was able to add the handlers (go to handlers tab, right click, Add Handler) or Click on Add Handler menu option on the top.

Update your Designer fix levels and try. If not try on a different designer version.

Also run the service and see if it is handlers registered successfully: pub.soap.handler:listProvider

Thanks for the reply Mahesh,its working now :smiley: