Issue : Salesforce Upsert operation using "External Id" on Lookup fields

We are integrating with Salesforce, using Cloudstreams, and performing Bulk API for batch processing.

At Salesforce, there is a concept of “Lookups”. Example, There is an Object “Account” in salesforce. There are 2 fields “ParentId” and “OwnerId” which are reference fields (Lookup). They are a reference to another account and User object respectively. This means, we cannot supply directly a text value to them. What we have to do is something similar to what Salesforce calls “Smart Lookups”.
So, in short, we have to use the external id field, get its corresponding value and that value is to be saved to these 2 fields.

In this, the 2 fields to update are :
ParentId (The value as per smart lookup is Account.External_ID__C)
OwnerId (The value as per smart lookup is User.External_ID__C)

There are some online tools like and Jitterbit which are able to do similar smart upserts.
How do we achieve this in webMethods CloudStreams ?

Hi Siddharth,

In CloudStreams we have support for lookups to select the reference fields, however the support for Smart lookups is not yet present. You could submit a feature request for this under “Feature requests in Brainstorm” in Empower.