Issue in Consumer webService Descriptor


I consumed a web service in 8.2. While creating the webservice descriptor i received the below warning as

[b]ISS.0085.9262-[ISS.0085.9262] No registered handler found for Header QName:{}ServiceBean_Header

There are no assigned handlers for the headers

I added manually the handler WSSecurityHandler in webService Descriptor.

While running the one of the connector i received the below error message:

[ISS.0088.9431] Handler processing failed on the consumer:
Request does not contain required Security header: [{}Signature].

So to verify i consumed it in SOAP UI and run it gives soap repose as

<env:Envelope xmlns:env=“”>
<env:Fault xmlns:wsse=“”>
Missing wsse:Security in SOAP Header


I provided with userName & Password in request.

Hey – It means that the policy you are using requires a XML signature in the incoming request.


How did you create/consume the WebService?

By creating a WSD in Designer pointing to the WSDL on the remote host where WebService is located?

If so, the generated WSD should contain all required objects.

Additionally you should have a look at the WebService Developers Guide, if there is information related to WebService-Security.


I created the WSD pointing the remote host where the wsdl is located.

In Soap UI while adding the WSS Token as username & Password(Basic Auth) i am getting the response.

How i can achieve the WSS Token as UserName & Password token in WSD?

Karthikeyan S

Hi Karthikeyan ,

I suppose you have created the webservice consumer on the version 8.2 or onwards.

For your case you want to pass the WS Security token to the webservice request.
For that you have to make the property pre 8.2 compatibilty to false.

Then go to the handler tab and add the WS Security handler.

For more details , please refer the webservices developers guide.
Chapter 16 Securing Web Services (WS-Security) has more details about it.

Rakesh Kumar

Thanks Rakesh.

I manually added the WS-Security Handler in the WSD and given the correct policy name & Policy type.

Now its working.