Issue after changing the Command Central password

Issue Started after updating the command central password .

Al SPM’s configured on the command central stopped responding and IS log has “Acess denied for user Administrator on port 5555 -> ‘invoke/wm.server/connect’ from”

My guess is CC is trying to access the IS/SPM with the newly updated password and not able to connect to the IS/SPM

Does any one has Idea on how to change the SPM password?

Though IS Administrator password has been changed, SPM password remained the same “manage”

Update the password of Administrator user under “\profiles\SPM\configuration\security\users.txt” using “internaluserrepo.bat” under “\common\bin”

Hi Sridhar,

SPM password can be changed the same way as the CC password.

Remember to update the Administrator password in IS too.


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The password is base64 encode in users.txt

Thanks all, I was just able to change the password and get the CC and SPM work.

Ok great… :slight_smile:

FYI: Use to change the password in users.txt

/common/bin/ -f /common/conf/users.txt -p Administrator

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