issue about Designer graphics library

Hi All,
Thanks in advance.
After I open the designer , I create a process project and then import process named PipOneActionInitiatorModel.process, however, the picture can not be displayed.
I get a error message as below,

Unable to load graphics library [GDI+ is requried]

I also try to add a picture node to this area, but it fails as well.
In a word, in my designer, it can not support graphics function.
Your advice is appreciated.


Are you using XP? I had the same problem with Win 2000.
Make sure also you have SVG plug-ins.

Hi Kerni,
My OS is Win200 server, even I install SVGView plug-in , but it doesn’t work.Have you fixed this issue ?If yes, how?Thanks.

Now i am using XP. In the documentation of 7.x it is mentioned that Win XP is required.

To put the DLL gdiplus.dll in …\system32 fix the issue.