Issse on pipeline values in try and catch.

Hi All,
I created one doc and string varable.and i setted val for that doc and string var.
And i applied some logic and exited from flow signal on failure.

I finded my Doc vals are in pipeline catch and i am unable to see string var values…
why it is showing this kind of behaviour…

Variables created or modified in the try block will not have those values in the catch block. They will have the values set before (outside of) the try.

If you need the values as they existed in the try when the exception was thrown, retrieve them from the pipeline var returned by the getLastError service.

The SCOPE of the variables created in the TRY block, is limited to TRY block itself.

In your case, if you want to –

  1. Use the variable which are modified in try, you can create those variable in the main() i.e above the try, in the main sequence

  2. Use the variables from try(without global declaration), then as Reamon said you can get those variables from the Pipeline var.