I see this exception in my IS "[ISS.0137.0018E] Scheduler: Exception while invoking 'UKIPS.ContentHandler:LXContentHandler':"  i have investigated , but not able to find the solution ..any help ?

Can any one tell me why this exception comes…?

can anyone give me a reply please…?? I searched the error guide…but i don’t find any resolution regarding this error…

looks like the scheduled job calling service:
Is this service owned by you? you need to debug it to see what error it’s triggering.

I encounter the same error “[ISS.0137.0018E] Scheduler: Exception while invoking” when the scheduler is set to run in cluster or in server 1, but when the service is scheduled to run in server 2, there is no such error. There is no exception on the calling service and errors are handled within. Our environment has two IS (8.0) instances in cluster to achive load balancing (active-active).

Please help me find a solution for this or suggest any fix for IS 8.0.

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