[ISS.0086.9287] Applications cannot set the "www-authenticate" field in the HTTP response header

Hi All,

www-authenticate" can’t be set as a response header in 10.5 version SAG ,getting below error when trying to set same as response header.
[ISS.0086.9287] Applications cannot set the “www-authenticate” field in the HTTP response header.
Could anyone please advice what needs be given instead of “www-authenticate” as a response header.

Hi Karthika,

I am not sure if you have to set anything in the response header yourself.

Just leave it to the server what needs to be set in the response header as it is just a direct reply to an HTTP Request.


Thanks Holger for the quick reply,but the issue is we were able to send HTTP header as “www-authenticate” in SAG 8.2 version. Now we switched to 10.5 version where “www-authenticate” header is throwing error.

So i need a header field which is equivalent to “www-authenticate” in 10.5 version

Hi Karthika,

while searching the forums I found this older question, which is still not answered:

It refers to wM 9.0.

So it looks for me that this broke between 8.2 and 9.0.
Please open an incident in Empower eService to get this checked by SAG support.

Additionally you should check the WM Error Code Reference available in the documentation section if it contains any informations for this code: [ISS.0086.9287]