[ISS.0086.9167] stream is a required field error

I am getting [ISS.0086.9167] stream is a required field error while invoking pub.io.streamToBytes.
The file sent from the http is xml and content type is ‘text/xml’. can you please help?

This error indicates the “stream” key isn’t present in the pipeline, Please confirm that the key is in the pipeline before calling the service “pub.io:streamToBytes”.
Additionally , more information about the usecase will help. When you say "file sent from the http is xml " please elaborate how the file is sent , is it using WM public services or through any other third party applications.



The xml file is sent from .NET which invokes the WM public service through post method. The WM public service has the below steps. So, when the second second to convert bytesToString is invoked, it’s converting the XML file to string but the tags in the file are seen like this

< > = <>

The source which sends the file has content type = ‘text/xml’

The user is sending the request using the below function.

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