Isolation Level and lock Mode

The method “SetIsolationLevel” can take one of the following values
InoIsolationDefault = 1
InoUnprotected = 2,
InoShared = 3,
InoProtected = 4,
IsolationUncommittedDocument = 5,
IsolationCommittedCommand = 6,
IsolationStableCursor = 7,
IsolationStableDocument = 8,
IsolationSerializable = 9

In previus version of Tamino, last five values didn’t exsit. What do they mean ?

I have the same problem with “SetLockMode” and its possible paramaters.

Tamino 4 introduced new locking strategies. They are described in the document Transactions Guide - this is listed under Special Topics on the main Tamino XML Server documentation page.

I’ve already read transaction guide in Tamino help, and only unprotected, shared and protected values are explain for isolation level. And there is not information about LockMode.
It looks like Tamino 3 help !

I have zipped up my Tamino 4.1.4 Transactions Guide doc. Hopefully that’s a bit better. (66.3 KB)

We apologize for any inconvanince.

No problem. You might find this conversation helpful too: Isolation Levels and Locking in Tamino V4