Isolate an adapter connection during IS startup?

Hello team,

Environment: webMethods 7.1.2

How do i isolate a corrupted adapter connection during IS startup(such that it won’t start/And IS won’t retry)?

Couple of things i did by going thru this forum

One, Disable our custom JDBC package and WmART package and once IS started,enabled custome JDBC package.But it only enabled connections upto the point of corrupted adapter connection

Second approach, Restarted IS in safe mode and once started enabled JDBC package and WmART package.But when enabled JDBC page shows ‘No connections found’ (which is expected in a safe mode).

But both the above approaches did not work. I think restarting the box might fix the issue but i would like to know any other better way?

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Issue resolved.

Manually deleted node.ndf file from our custom JDBC package for the particular corrupted adapter connection and then restarted IS.which seems to have fixed the issue.

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