ISConnector.invoke: java.lang.NullPointerException in IS 6.5

I recently installed the WmSamples package on IS 6.5 build 394. I have not modified the jvm settings on my server at all. When I hit http://localhost:5555/web/WmTomcat/ I get the Tomcat page. When I try to hit http://localhost:5555/web/WmSamples/ I get a blank screen and the following in my log:
Security checking request GET/web/WmSamples/
Checking constraint ‘SecurityConstraint[Developers]’ against GET /index.html --> true
Calling hasUserDataPermissions()
User data constraint has no restrictions
Calling authenticate()
ISConnector.invoke: java.lang.NullPointerException

I saw a couple service requests that mention this NPE issue, but no real solution. Please help.


If I am not mistaken, WmSamples is not distributed any more with IS 6.5
So, you probably copied an older version into IS 6.5.
There are substantial changes between the older version of WmTomcat and the one in IS 6.5

If you still have this error, please create a service request.


Hi Susan,

maybe you should try the new WmSamples package for wM 6.5, which is available on Advantage from the “Samples & Utilities”-Section.

If this doesn�t help, you should indeed open a Service Request.


Did you find a solution to your problem? I’m having the same problem. I downloaded the new WmSamples package and it has the same problem.


We are working on wmMethods 6.5 developer and our IS version is 6.1.
I want to install wmSamples to IS but i am not able to do that due to some circular dependency.
Will it work on 6.1 IS?
If yes, what to do to enable that package, because I am not able to enable that package from Admin IS interface.