ISAPI filter

i’m writing an ISAPI filter for IIS5. This filter is required to make
queries to a Tamino database. what’s the most efficient/proper way to talk
to the db? Is it by:

1) writing an X-Tension COM component using the Visual Studio addin provided
with the SDK

2) utilising the TaminoX.ocx control to make the query.

3) using the HTTP C Client API.

cheers !


depending on your need for speed and how many tasks already implemented you’re willing to redo, the choice is between the C API and the Tamino OCX which is a high level API capable of returning DOM objects from queries and so on.

If you need DOM, I think you should try Tamino.OCX first and stick to it if its speed suffices.

X-Tension is a different kind of animal, think of stored procedures. X-Tensions are used to do intra-server processing, like storing/retrieving data submitted to / queried from Tamino in / from another application. Here, the interface between Tamino and that other application would be a Server Extension.

Best regards, Andreas

Thanks alot! thats good info.
Will try it out soon.


cheers !