ISA-GS Schema for VICS_4030

I am looking into the webMethods package called wmEDI.wm.b2b.edi.rec:schema_X12env.
This is the schema for the X12 4010 standard for ISA/GS segments. I want to process the 4030 version of EDI document for which I need the schema for VICS 4030. When I am using this schema it is giving me the error.
Could someone provide me the schema for VICS 4030 for ISA/GS segments.
Also specifically when I am looking at the EDI specification for 4010, the segment element GS08 corresponds to ID=480. Now when I am looking in the schema for 4010 inside the webMethods there are Type480 and TypeX480. So basically the GS08 corresponds to which of the type ???

Ramendra Chauhan