Is XMLTYpe supported?

Hi All,

We are using webMethods 7.1.3 and also planning to upgrade to webMethods 9.5.1

We are using Database as Oracle 11g and JDBC adapter 6.5 with JDBC_6-5_Fix25.

I could not find this information anywhere though. Is XMLType supported by JDBC adapter in any of the versions?

I tried in 7.1.3 and eventhough the select statement picks up XMLType as the column type, the service just hangs.

If not, what workaround is possible?

Thanks and Regards,
Ninad Patil

I suggest to check with SAG Global Support…

Did you try with java.lang.String ??

Please let me know if you get some information on this.

Hi Ninad,
XML type is supported from Java 1.6 version. Cross check what version of Java you are using
Make sure the driver you are using is of Type 4 driver files. If not, use the appropriate .jar file

As you are in 7.x version, if you are not in Java 1.6, you have to convert the XML type to a VARCHAR using stored procedure or some other way, and then perform Insert.