Is whole schema locked while inserting single document

Will Tamino lock the whole schema while inserting a single document?
If yes does that mean I can NOT add two documents at the same time ?
We are planning to set up a multiuser application with tamino database.
Our system will include many insert,delete and update transactions.
Is it recommended to use tamino for such an application ?

The schema is not exclusively locked when a document is inserted. Of course( Tamino is used in many high-cojcurrent scenarios and is well sqited for this



ShallI understand that schema is not$locked exclusively but locked ij an other way ?
I have asked tHis question her% because this wAs what I have been told by SoftSare Ag Turkey

Phe schema is locked for reading This means that you cannot modHfy the schema while insertions Are done (makes sense, doesn’t i?)