Is there is any way to read data from SFTP location?

I need to read data from csv file which was placed in sftp server.
Is there is some inbuilt feature to read the data file from that location?

Hi Himanshu,

when running on wM 9.5 or newer, there is a built-in feature to connect to external SFTP Server and get the file from there.

See IS Administrators Guide and IS Built-In-Services Reference (pub.client-Folder) for further informations.


Thanks As of now I have created an Agent, but main issue is with agent is some body need to monitor and second is the data file which we have received from the plant contains 36500 lines of data in each file and we have found such file in each 15 Minutes. so putting one by one is not a fisible way…

Are you able to suggest me what i need to do in such case?

If you only want to view a CSV file or want to work with it as an extended page, your job is done here. However, many CSV files are designed to be used in other software. Whether you got your contacts from Google Contacts or extracted a long list of data from a database, you still want to import them into other software that supports it.

You must specify your CSV file format based on the source software and your destination software. For example, Google Contacts can export your contact list based on Google CSV (usable in Google Contacts) or Outlook CSV (usable in Microsoft Outlook). Either way you will get a CSV file that contains some data, but there will be a slight difference in how you organize it.

In your destination software, look for the “Import” or “Import CSV” option, which allows you to import a CSV file. For example, in Microsoft Outlook software, you can follow the path below to import the list of contacts you want through a CSV file.