Is there anyCentrasite importer pluggin to import .xls sheet

Hi ,

I understand that we can create centrasite importer pluggin to import a new file format into centrasite

To create a pluggin we need to create a new java class file for importing the .xls file,

Can any one say if there are any opensource available readily for this kind of import?

Anusha S

Hi Anusha,

I hope you are aware of this utility, it might help you partially.

Hi ,

From the link given below i unserstand that this CS utility helps in importing the data through a xml or DB.

Can any one say on how to install this pluggin into centrasite?

Am really not sure of how to use this

Anusha S

Hi Anusha and Centrasite Experts
I am also trying to figure out a way to import an Excel file into Centrasite.
If you had any luck with it, please do share the procedure.

Here is what I am trying to do:
We have a Custom asset (lets say MyCustomAsset) with some attributes (strings, classifications, dates etc.).
I want to specify the attribute values in an excel. Then when I import the excel I would like Centrasite to create the asset automatically using these values.

Any info you can share would be great.


Hi guys,
in case an XML importer would also be acceptable, please have a look at CS Utils Importer - Importing data.